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Aspire to Excel

Zhulian Group of Companies (“Zhulian” or “The Group”) is one of the leading MLM market players in Malaysia. We have a wide network of authorised agencies and Distributors in Malaysia sharing the same vision and working hand in hand with the Company towards success.

The Group was founded in Penang by Mr. Teoh Beng Seng in 1989 with initial core business in distributing gold-plated jewellery through the Multi-Level Marketing channel. Since then, it has begun to share the philosophy on how its unique business model can work to bring success and wealth to those who trust its products, believe in its business plan and have faith in the Company. Through the years, the Company has been successfully bringing people together and giving everyone an equal opportunity to build success through promoting entrepreneurial spirit.

Growing from Strength to Strength...
Many positive innovations have taken place in the past years in order to realise the Company’s vision. Today, after more than 25 robust years in the market, Zhulian have successfully developed into a public listed Company on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad under the name of Zhulian Corporation Berhad and is well-known as an innovative and well-integrated MLM operator that takes pride in manufacturing and marketing its own brand of widely-diversified products under the Group. From dealing with highly popular gold plated jewellery, Zhulian today has successfully diversified its product lines to Home Care, Food and Beverage, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Air Treatment, Water Treatment, Sleep Enhancement Products, Kitchen Appliances and Disposable Hygiene products.

The Group spread its wings to Thailand in 1996; then to Indonesia in 1997, Singapore in 2003 and Myanmar in 2015. With an extensive network size of more than 300 agencies and hundreds of thousands of Distributors in the South-East Asia region, Zhulian has emerged as one of the MLM innovators in the regional direct selling industry for its progressive, visionary business opportunity as well as its reliable and innovative products.

Being able to carve a niche in the MLM market, the Group has grown from strength to strength and currently owns 3 buildings in Bayan Lepas, Penang, one of which complete with GMP certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that adopt a production system accredited by the ISO 9001:2008 international standards. The Group’s established market and network as well as its integrated infrastructure has become its brand identity and hallmark of success that serves to convey its dynamism and strong momentum of Zhulian to accelerate towards new heights of success in creating a brilliant future.