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2nd Generation Design ~ Technology that helps you sleep better
Good quality sleep is vital for all of us, be it young or old, men or women. Research studies have shown that the quality of our sleep during the night determines whether our bodies and minds are able to function optimally and efficiently during the day. On the contrary, fitful sleep can lead to an array of physical, mental and psychological problems, including constant fatigue, sleepiness during the day, inability to focus or concentrate on a particular task and even increased agitation and irritability. When we are deprived of restful sleep, we are also more likely to suffer from many health problems such as headaches, memory and physical performance impairment, back pain and aching muscles.

The CONTIAGO range of Bio-ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad, Scientific Pillow and Bolster are specially designed to give you the high quality sleep your body needs in order to function at an optimal level. The latest range of CONTIAGO have been newly upgraded with additional high quality layers of premium materials for greater sleep enhancement as well as pure, luxurious comfort that will help to recharge your energy better as you slumber away. This set of superior bedding products will provide you and your family with total body support, maximum comfort and an array of health-enhancing benefits!

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