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PC3111 - Hinokoshiwa Foot Care Sheets
Hinokoshiwa Foot Care Sheets provide one of the most traditional and effective methods for improving your overall health through detoxification of the lymph system via the soles of the feet. Such body detoxification has long been practised in Japan and Asia for many centuries and Japanese researchers have combined various ingredients in foot care sheets that have the unique ability to stimulate reflex points and nerve endings on the bottom of the feet to offer improvements to general well being.

The colour of the Hinokoshiwa Foot Care Sheets sachets will change to greyish or black colour and emit a foul odour after several hours of application to the soles of the feet depending on the severity of the toxins accumulated within the body. This shows that the toxins in the body have been effectively extracted out, whereby the unwanted or unhealthy lymphatic fluid from the body has been adsorbed through the sole. After continuous use the colouration returns to a lighter tone, indicating that the toxins in the body have been reduced and that the previous imbalance has been successfully rectified and a healthier natural balance has been achieved.
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