Khamis, 5 Januari 2023

We are pleased to announce that Hanoi, Vietnam has been chosen as one of the two destinations for Travelling Incentive 2023. Another farther overseas destination will be announced in 3rd Quarter of the year.

Hanoi offers a fascinating blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and French cultures, as well as modern high-rises, centuries-old traditional architecture and beautiful sceneries.

Set your goal to qualify for Travelling Incentive 2023 in order to join this fun-filled Hanoi tour in year 2024 and gain the meaningful experiences with other fellow outstanding ZHULIAN Entrepreneurs!

To view more, please click: https://bit.ly/TravellingIncentive2023. For more details on the qualifying conditions of Travelling Incentive, please refer Page 9-10 of ZHULIAN Business Manual.

Click http://bit.ly/ZHULIANDistributionCentre-DistrictAgent to contact the ZHULIAN Authorised Agencies near you.

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