SIHAT NIKMAT PROMO – ZHULIAN gladly treats you with the new sensational Drip Coffee for purchase of a combo of selected best seller nutritional health beverage!
Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Great news for the consumers of ZHULIAN’s nutritional health products!  With the Sihat Nikmat Promo that starts today till 8th February 2023, we are giving out FREE ZHULIAN Drip Coffee with any combo of the selected nutritional health beverages that are greatly beneficial to your health. 

Three combos are made available for you to choose from, each consisting different selections of nutritional health beverages from Iso.3, Iso.5, Iso.7, ColoSkim, SSSolution 2 and IsoProt’n.   Each of the product has its specific benefits – Iso.3 is a collagen supplement meant for rejuvenating skin health inside out; Iso.5 is a psyllium husk beverage enriched with friendly bacteria and enzymes for digestive and gut health; Iso.7 is an antioxidant beverage containing a mixture of fruits & vegetable for alleviating oxidative stress; while ColoSkim is a skimmed milk and colostrum mix that targets to help consumers optimising their immune system; SSSolution 2 is an easy-to-follow weight management formulation for re-balancing the body's metabolism, eliminating excess fat, keeping the body in best shape and IsoProt’n is a plant-based protein mix that is formulated for building lean muscle and tissue as well as boosting strength and energy.  Buy now to get the health promoting benefits of these products and grab 1 or 2 box(es) of ZHULIAN Drip Coffee for FREE. 

Visit your nearest ZHULIAN Authorised Agency today to grab this unique offer now!  Terms & Conditions apply.

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