Washes away 99.99% germs with the newly launched PurelyZ Antibacterial Body Wash
Isnin, 27 Februari 2023


Another new addition in PurelyZ range ~ PurelyZ Antibacterial Body Wash is made available for purchase today. This body wash formula has a unique antibacterial formula which not only cleans your skin gently and effectively, it also provides 99.99% protection against germs and bacteria. Thanks to its antioxidant ingredients such as Aloe Vera Extracts and Vitamin E plus the rejuvenating property of Ginger Extract that protect skin from damaging effect of free radicals as well as keeping your skin young and youthful. You can feel your skin more moisturised, hydrated and softer after every bath as PurelyZ Antibacterial Body Wash contains Maize Kernel-derived natural moisturiser.

Get it now at any ZHULIAN Agency near you and stay CLEAN, stay MOISTURISED and stay SAFE & HEALTHY with PurelyZ Antibacterial Body Wash!

Please click the product page or click e-catalogue for more information about the product.

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