ZHULIAN launches a new sweetener – HomsweetPlus!
Khamis, 13 April 2023


We are glad to announce the launch of HomsweetPlus today! HomsweetPlus is a natural sweetener made with Erythritol, Crystalline Fructose and Sucralose and is specially formulated to provide a healthier alternative to normal white sugar.

With increasing concern over the health implications of consuming too much sugar, consumers are seeking alternatives that are both delicious and good for them. HomsweetPlus delivers on both fronts, offering 4 times the sweetness of normal sugar with low calories and low glycemic index, making it a great choice for those who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Who would say no to such a product? If you are concern about your health and worry about the health risk of taking too much sugar, you should get a box of HomsweetPlus now from any of our Authorized Agencies or here at ZHULIAN webstore. HomsweetPlus is available in 100 convenient 2g sachets in each box. It can be used in a variety of applications, including baking, cooking, and as a sweetener for coffee and tea.

Please click the product page or click e-catalogue to get more detail about HomsweetPlus.

Please click http://bit.ly/ZHULIANDistributionCentre-DistrictAgent to contact a ZHULIAN Authorised Agency nearest to you.

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